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Our All New Kitchen Ready Range

Convenience at a higher level. need something quick for that after School / Work meal then look no further than our Kitchen ready range. from Dauphinoise Potato to Chicken Kiev’s all ready for the oven.

Farm Fresh Vegetables And Juices

We stock a wide range of Sarah Darlington’s jams, pickles, and chutneys. We offer freshly pressed apple juice from Cambridgeshire and locally produced Essex honey. You can also rely on us to provide an array of homemade marinades, fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables.

IceHouse Artisan Ice Cream From Epping

Ice cream means a simple treat, an easy dessert, celebrations (jelly & ice cream, anyone?) hot summer days, the best of times.

All of our ice creams and sorbets are made by us at our parlour on Wintry Park Farm, Epping. We use the type of ingredients that you would use if you were making your own ice cream in your kitchen at home – fresh whole milk, double cream, eggs, fresh fruit and natural flavourings. All wholesome and natural, hand made in small batches.

Our Ready To Eat Range

looking for something different for lunch or just something to compliment your dinner. then look no further than our hand made pastas and salad dishes. made fresh in store every day.



Box of 6 Eggs (XL or L)
2 x Chicken Kievs (GF) Garlic or Sweet Chilli
2 x 4 Boneless Chicken Thighs
6 x Rashers Back Bacon
6 x Pork Sausages
6 x Chicken Kebabs

Only £35